Thursday, 2 August 2012


The 8th hot rod hay ride was again a great weekend !
Rockabilly,blue grass and rhythm and blues bands a freak show, a flea market and auto jumble and of coarse the soapbox derby. Even our weather could not spoil this one!

Missy Malone !

                                          Every time Missy Malone knocks em stone dead ! 
                                                                     Hayride 2012

Its Summer !

It's Summer ! for at least a week or so , first decent swell in 3 months & sun .. weird huh ?!

Kingdom of Kicks

Gary tells me this guy is one of the good uns .. on reading his blog i agree !
pic courtesy of Southsiders MC .. another bunch of good uns !


24hrs en Francais !

A last minute dash across la mer saw us join boatloads of Brits on that annual pilgrimage to Le Mans Classic , rain couldnt damp the spirits of racers & spectators alike & after 48hrs of no sleep i was on my back to Blighty with bucketloads of happy if somewhat bleary memories of late night 200mph GT cars ..heres a few of them ..